what has been going on…

oh man oh man. i think it might be time to do a bullet pointed update on my incredibly exciting life because if i wrote out whole paragraphs, you’d be too jealous to keep living your current life.

  • work is kind of bananas.  not all bad bananas, but crazy nonetheless.  three of my colleagues were in town last week for a meeting with our boss and we had a great time, but it was exhausting! full days of meetings + fun dinners and nights on the town = no sleep for five days. worth it!
  • my friend jason stayed at my house over the weekend, thus extending the fun and lack of sleep but he is such a treasure in my life!!  him and his wife have two cats and i have now decided that my definition of a true friend is someone who loves ruby (almost) as much as i do and our conversations revolve around cats.
  • i made pw’s salsa last week and it was life changingly delicious! if you don’t have a food processor, go buy one, get the necessary items and prepare to also buy larger pants.
  • lent started last week and i decided to give up meat again, but then i accidentally broke it at brunch by eating bacon…so i’m back on the wagon! but i am going to eat fish this year. because i know that was a burning question in your mind.
  • my glasses fell off my face last weekend and snapped in half! i’ve had them for a long time and really needed to go to the eye doctor but have been too damn lazy. so since these are my only working glasses, i was in a bit of a panic! thankfully, i had saved my old old old glasses (old = from 1999) so i’ve been limping along with them. my eye doctor was great and got me right in and i just got an email the new ones are ready for pick up, hooray!
  • and finally, i’ve started using an oil facewash that i saw on pinterest. obviously pinterest rules my life and tells me when i am not being domestic enough or creative enough, so i thought, what the heck, i’ve always had crappy skin, it can’t get worse! i. love. this.  i used equal parts castor oil & olive oil and still need a moisturizer after using, but my skin is clear and bright and smooth like a baby’s rump! who’d have thunk??

and that’s pretty much my life: exhaustion, cats, new glasses and salsa. jealous?

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